Let people control the Music

Plodio App

Social jukebox for your venue !

Plodio device is the ultimate social jukebox for venues (e.g. in a restaurant, coffee shop, public places ...) or even for parties and nights out in your house! you can instantly turn your venue’s music into a social jukebox your customers can enjoy with the free Plodio mobile app which puts a powerful remote control for music in you attendees pocket.

With Plodio powering your background music you will see your customers stay longer, spend more, and better still, come back with their friends telling them about the awesome time they had at your venue while enjoying their favorite songs. The future of background music is social and with Plodio you can offer your customers the best social music experience already today.

Plodio mobile app


Let your attendees search for songs to change the background music wherever they are

Ever worried if your customers are really enjoying the background music? Who decides what to play? Make your music player democratic and give everyone the chance to promote their favorite songs.

With Plodio Mobile App your clients can do all that. Search for music and vote for the songs that they want to be played. The more votes a song gets, the sooner you will listen to it!

Plodio device


Sounds great and plays everything

Plodio device places itself at the heart of your digital HI-FI music system. It can be remotely controlled by multiple clients running on different devices. It can plays any song stream on the internet from your existing playlists. It takes a cheap, silent and low-consumption mini-PC and make it perform as a high fidelity digital source.

Plodio web dashboard


A Web-Based Dashboard to monitor the background Music in your venue

Plodio blows your customer’s minds and gets them enjoy your venue and sharing your brand on social media. We replace your old “background music” system with a social/collaborative music experience that engages today’s smartphone customers, increases social media buzz by sharing what and where the music is played to drives more customer to your place. You can manage your playlists and even send push notifications of your lastest offers!

How your attendees will benefit from Plodio?

Realtime Playlist

View what's currently playing on the venue from your phone.

Seek & Play

Select your favorite music to be played or vote for the existing ones.

Social Experience

Share your location and what you are listening right now on social media.

More Flexibility

Control and moderate the music and check if it suites the space.


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